Golden Sands
Experience paradise with our Golden Sands Series, offering a perfect balance of medium chill, medium sweetness, richness flavor, and smooth throat hit. Crafted for the Middle East market, each flavor indulges you in luscious blends of fruits, creams, and exotic candies. Let it be your passport to a luxurious vaping experience, where every puff transports you to a sun-kissed oasis.

VG/PG: 40%/60%
Nic Strength: 20/30/50mg
ASPARK E-liquid - Nic Salt

Discover the Flavors

aspark scotch tobacco elqiuid

Scotch Tobacco

Sweet vanilla bean, smooth butter, with a rich tobacco undertone.
aspark grape splash elqiuid

Grape Splash Ice

Sweet and juicy grape flavor.
aspark summer watermelon ice elqiuid

Summer Watermelon Ice

Fresh, juicy watermelon with a refreshing coolness.
aspark sunset strawberry ice elqiuid

Sunset Strawberry Ice

Vibrant, juicy strawberries with a perfect balance of sweet and tart.
aspark apple coconut elqiuid

Apple Coconut

Sweet red apple blended with refreshing coconut water.
aspark orange fizz elqiuid

Orange Fizz Ice

Tangy and sweet orange soda with an invigorating fizz.

aspark dream mango ice elqiuid

Dream Mango Ice

Soft, juicy, and sweet mango with a refreshing summer twist.
aspark nuts blend tobacco elqiuid

Nuts Tobacco Blends

Classic Tribeca tobacco with a rich, smoky flavor.
aspark grenadine glow elqiuid

Grenadine Glow Ice

Refreshing pomegranate syrup drink with rich cocktail notes.
aspark cranberry pomegranate blast elqiuid

Cranberry Pomegranate Blast

Fresh cranberries combined with sweet, juicy pomegranate.
aspark dragon strawberry smash elqiuid

Dragon Srawberry Smash

Sweet, fresh strawberries paired with the delightful taste of red dragon fruit.
aspark bubble gum blue elqiuid

Bubble Gum Blue

Sweet candy and chewy bubble gum with a hint of citrus.
aspark berry smash elqiuid

Berry Smash

A blend of juicy cherries and mixed berries, offering a sweet and tangy flavor explosion.
aspark cherry fizz crush elqiuid

Cherry Fizz Crush

Juicy cherries with a fizzy cola burst, creating a delightful sparkling sensation.
aspark lime guava elqiuid

Lime Guava

Zesty lime juice paired with sweet red guava for a refreshing and sweet flavor.

Melon Berry Blast

Crisp cantaloupe mixed with raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for a sweet and tart berry blend.


At ASPARK, our story begins with an imperfect ambition – the desire to create the world’s finest, best-flavored, purest, and most accessible vaping product.


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QUAQ-powered products contain nicotine and are unsuitable for minors.